Fishyrob ashore
Where is all began..... Lure/Bait/Fly 
for the species of your choice.


£10 per hour per person as part of a group. Max 4 per group. Dedicated one on one sessions charged at £20 per hour. Minimum sessions 4 hours. Begginners to pro's very welcome. All over the south coast of England.


Fuel surcharges apply on road trips, and travel time is paid time.

Fishyrob Abroad
2017 - Belousiha River Camp
          Murmansk Oblast
From mid June until Mid September I will be working guiding Salmon in the Russian Tundra. Places available.  Prices in the Belousiha River Lodge section

Location and Facilities


Ashore and Afloat - All sessions begin at Fishyrob HQ in Brighton, East Sussex. 

Fully insured to 5 million public liability

All tackle / lures / bait supplied, else bait gathered as part of the session.

Lures charged at cost price if lost.



All flights, visa and travel costs associated such as Visa costs are NOT included.

Brighton Inshore Fishing

Prices from £40 per person... Full details

Max 4 lure anglers

Max 2 fly anglers


Birthday, Christmas and Fathers day vouchers

All available. Email


School Groups / Scouts / Youth groups

All catered for.

Disclosures Scotland record check certificate held.

The Fishyrob Diaries.........

Every single session I fished between 2010 and 2015 I wrote up in my diary, complete with photos, and often, my partner in the "sporting fish" project, as it has become to be known, recorded sessions on video.. Unfortunately, in recent times, I have had to put many of these videos and all of the diary entries behind a subscription based viewer for various reasons. Should you be intrigued enough, point your browser to  





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