The Fishyrob Year........

Early Season

January,if the rivers allow, and flood waters are not an issue, is all about very big pike on the fly. My own operation focuses on the River Ouse, where the fish can be fairly predictable in their holding spots prior to spawning . February and March are spent somewhere warm. The target for 2018 is Boa Vista, in the Cape Verde Islands. There I will take along plenty of spare tackle, spend a week finding some good fishing, and then actively hunt bored tourists to come and have a day with me.  Then its back to the UK, to begin my guiding season proper, mostly on Squid and cuttlefish in Brighton, and Turbot and Small Eyed rays, a road trip into Hampshire..

Mid Season

The end of May towards June, Bass numbers are usually at a reasonable level, and for me these days, there is no greater joy than the pursuit of bass on lures. And then, as the summer progresses, there are simply too many choices. Road trips for hounds and rays, and everything from Mackerel and garfish, to pollock, sole, and a whole host of summer migrants to choose from. The Sussex coast can hold some of the finest fishing in the UK during the summer months, with estuaries adding to the environments to be shown. Plus the inshore from "B.I.F. 1", the 21' center console Pirate, fully coded and purposely fitted out with the lure and fly angler in mind. 

Late Season

November see's the very best of everything in Sussex. Trout, pike and perch are ravenous in the freshwater rivers and reservoirs, in anticipation of leaner winter times perhaps. Bass, beginning to think about their migrations offshore and westwards, gather together in big shoals, and when intercepted, offer awesome sport both afloat and ashore. It is also the time for some very good sole on baits, if the hoards of whiting that invade in the shared darkness allow them to the bait. But these same whiting also offer excellent chances of big bass in Sussex, and as the year reaches it final six weeks,on the inshore reefs really come alive.