Introducing "B.I.F. 1"

B.I.F 1 is a fully coded Pirate 21 center console. She has been purposely fitted out for casting anglers, with the new wave of saltwater fly and lure anglers in mind. She is the perfect vessel for fishing the inshore reefs around Brighton. She carries the very latest electronics, and she is fully coded by the MCA for up to twenty miles. The skippers however, are only coded for up to three miles. This is no problem, as the fishing is mostly within one mile of port.

The Fishing

Mostly in waters of less than fifty feet. When France and the United Kingdom parted their ways some many thousands of years ago, they left scar tissue, in the form of many limestone and chalk reefs that run all the way from Beachy head to Littlehampton. These reefs offer myriads of varying habitats which in turn attract a great variety of fishes. And pretty much all these fishes are liable to attack fluff or rubber when clarity allows.


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Max 4 Lure fishing

Max 2 Fly fishing