My Diary has MOVED HOME.............

An amazing opportunity to merge my diaries with an established and well regarded Media production company has proven too much to resist. I think my desire to bring Video diaries, and eventually Live diaries, is well known. This merger brings the possibilities one step closer, and should see video diaries within weeks.

Its a very exciting thing, and for diary followers it will bring a better, more proffesional layout. For me, it means no more flaffing about with ISP's and associated hassle, which in turn means more fishing time, which in turn means more diary content. Win Win.

After much debate, I have decided that the existing written diaries, and all future written diaries, will remain free. You will have to become a member of the site that will be hosting them, but this membership is free. To keep ahead of the game, become a member now. Simply visit WWW.SPORTINGFISH.CO.UK and sign up to the community for FREE membership. There is plenty more there as well, including some of the best local information gleaned from some of the most enthusiastic anglers on the South Coast. If you live inland, or away from the south coast, and are planning a visit, a quick browse of the site before your trip should see you directed to the best of the fishing, saving wasted time and bait for your session.

You can still visit the archive diaries (May 2010 and prior) on by clicking HERE

FOOTNOTE: Due to a catastrophic lapse on my part early 2010 diaries are mostly missing. Apologies for this. I have adopted new security procedures to prevent this happening at any time in the future.