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Fishyrob, A story of obsession

Squid n me....

Fish obsessed from eight years old, and growing up attempting to fulfil my fishy ambitions in Essex, I moved to Brighton in 2002, having wandered down to the marina on a day trip from Essex, and realised here was somewhere with such a variety of fish I just had to be there. I was looking for a change of scenery and at the time working in the city as an IT consultant. My criteria was somewhere by the sea in commuting distance of London. Brighton fitted the bill perfectly. Too well, as it turned out. I never expected the coasts around here to affect me quite so much as it did. But very soon, getting on the train into London town really began to hurt, especialy when the tides were big and the surf running

You would need to visit Brighton to understand. Its not just about Brighton, its the miles and miles of rugged reefs to the east, the rivers which hold untold promise, and the beaches to the west which on their day are unrivalled in the UK for shore fishing. I began to think of other ways to create enough income to leave the city. I eventually left in 2005, partly as my desire to be around Sussex grew too much, partly as a result of my skillset becoming old hat, and I had no desire to keep up with modern developments. After 18 years, Computers were no longer fun for me.

One of my greatest enjoyments was always receiving fishy friends, and taking them out to enjoy the local marks. The results were usually pretty good, and one of them commented "you should do this for a living". The idea stuck, and this is now my fourth year of guiding full time. And the business is growing from strength to strength, as are the results. I no longer eat in restuarants, but I do get to go fishing every day, and no longer race for the last few seats on the fast train to Victoria. And fishing every day means I have discovered more and more coastline and technique which in turn means I can offer more variety and fishing for my clients.

Take your time to peruse my site at your leisure. I hope you enjoy the log of my fishy exploits in the diary, and I hope to expand this to feature the exploits of fellow guides over the coming year.

Feel free to contact me - Robin@fishyrob.co.uk if you have any queries.